As with all apps, there are regularly new updates designed to make life easier for users. Now, the popular messenger Whatsapp introduced some new features that are currently only available in beta but look promising. One of them is to be activated by shaking the smartphone and will help to solve acute problems via the smartphone quickly.

Video calling in groups

In fact, it should soon be possible to communicate through a conference call with a group of other Whatsapp users. The blog, WABetaInfo, came across this information. Here, up to three users can get in touch with each other.

This should be possible with or without a live image. It will bring this function to Android as well as for Apple users soon. It is still unclear when the version will actually be available as an update to download.

Whatsapp Groups: New management option

In addition to the new function of the conference call via the Internet in groups, there could be another innovation in the field of WhatsApp groups. It should be possible in the near future for administrators to extend the control of the group further. According to Independent UK, apart from the function that Group Chat members may be granted certain administration rights or have them withdrawn, the administrator can also decide who can change the group information or the group picture.

He can also decide which members of the group are allowed to write messages to the group and which cannot.

Shaking the smartphone

First of all, it sounds a bit strange, but it could actually work. Shaking the smartphone will activate a new feature. If the user receives an error message or the app has other errors, shaking the device should establish direct contact with support as it is contacted by the movement.

Previously, the preview version must have been installed. If you shake it now, a window opens in which the existing error is displayed. Previously, direct contact with support was usually complicated and took some time. However, the new feature should make it easier and faster.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the new feature will only be available as a beta version or will actually find its way onto the smartphones of the world.

WhatsApp has brought a new feature that will help you talk to a person in the application without adding your number to your contact list. If you know the number of the person you want to talk to, you can create a chat link that will allow you to talk directly with the person. WhatsApp also recently rolled out a new sticker album feature for its beta users.