Last week saw the opening of a major event featuring the premiere of the iOS 12 operating systems for mobile devices and MacOS Mojave for Mac computers. It was held at the McEnery convention center in San José, in California, United States. The event ended June 8 and was attended by important developers from all over the world, where they discussed and shared important experiences about software for Apple .

The total number of attendees was around 6,000 people on the opening day, according to the Guardian. They were waiting for this important update for the full range of Apple products, which of course, have the highest expectations.

iOS 12 was announced and it's the innovation of the operating system for its mobile phones, such as the iPhone mainly, and the iPad tablets, where the main objective is to accelerate the productivity and attributes of the devices for all users with the best possible quality.

More details about Apple iOS 12

During the highlighted event, it was also announced that the iOS 12 will be available in the month of September for all devices that were compatible with iOS 11 and will make all applications work faster, HotHardware noted.

It will also provide a faster speed when loading the camera. Apple Insider reported that an experiment was done with an iPhone 6 Plus. In that sense, another contribution of iOS 12 is aimed at the widely used FaceTime, which we already know applies to video calls and with this innovation can enable group conversations with up to 32 participants at a time.

Another contribution is iOS 12 with ARKit 2, which is a new version of the group of tools to simplify the creation of applications with this excellent technology. It also incorporates work in a common environment from different devices.

According to MacRumors, it also highlights the Measure application, which deals with measuring objects and now with this new feature in the operating system, it will allow magnificent augmented reality.

You can also access the emoji feature which is a great evolution of Apple's animoji, and are those that are used dynamically with the gestures of people.

The watchOS 5 of Apple is also a novelty

Every day, Apple is giving us more surprises and another of them was the watchOS 5, which is the most modern version of the operating system for the smartwatch designed by Apple Watch.

As for its main functions, it will offer us different modes of competition and also start and finish automatically in terms of its efficient training and health functions, including yoga training.

Referring to its connectivity section, it is represented by the Walkie-Talkie tool. This works perfectly with Wi-Fi and LTE.