A distraught husband sobbed openly after learning that his lifelong partner was killed on Mother’s Day. The wonderful day set aside to celebrate mothers ended in tragedy for this family. Ironically, her killer is the child that she brought into this world -- her very own son.

After killing his mother, he tried to kill a store clerk

Strangely enough, after severing the head of his mother on Mothers’ Day, the man walked for several minutes with his mom’s head in one hand and a butcher knife in the other. The deranged individual's clothes were soaked in blood -- as well as his hands.

But, no one seemed to notice the strange individual walking down the street.

According to law enforcement, the man entered a store and started stabbing the store clerk. Shoppers inside the store made good on their escape while other employees tussled with the allegedly insane individual. A quick call to the 911 emergency hotline had police officers from the nearby department descending on the Crime scene.

The accident unfolded on Monday in rural Oregon. Officers from the Sandy Police Department said, upon investigating the incident, that the severed head belonged to the man's mother. The dead woman was identified as 59-year-old Tina Marie Webb. Her body was transported to the state’s medical examiner's office where an autopsy was performed the same day her son was charged with her murder.

Her son was identified as Joshua Lee Webb, who is 36-years-old. Webb was also charged with attempted murder for stabbing the store clerk multiple times. Officers also disclosed that the accused man is still awaiting his day before a judge. The gruesome events unfolded in two small rural towns 30 miles from Portland.

Victim complained about son's depression

The incident sent shockwaves throughout Estacada, where Michael Wagner, the 66-year-old store clerk, is well known for his humorous and warm personality.

David Webb is the victim’s husband, and the father of the man who slaughtered her. Reportedly, he is struggling to accept losing his son and wife on Mother’s Day, which should have been a wonderful day for the family.

Webb said that his son has vision problems, for which he gets Social Security payments.

The young man lived with parents, who cared for him. His father also disclosed that his mother said that he seemed to be suffering from depression. However, the bereaved man said that the family did not know he was capable of committing such heinous offenses.