Semaj Crosby’s body was found under an old couch in the home she shared with 15 other people. The one-year-old child was reported missing days before her body was found, and was last seen playing with other children at the dilapidated home she lived in with other relatives.

FBI agents joined search for missing toddler

Officials from the Illinois Police Department said the home was in a deplorable condition and unfit for anyone to use as a residence. The Will County Sheriff's Department said FBI agents who joined in the investigation, along with their officers, were granted access to the property by Sherri Gordon, the child’s mother.

A detailed search was then carried out and the girl’s remains were located underneath the couch.

According to the spokesperson for the Will County Sheriff’s Office, they received reports that the toddler was seen in the vicinity of the home before she disappeared. Additionally, other eyewitnesses said that they saw the little girl early Tuesday morning wearing a shirt with the picture of a cat while she was playing in the front yard of the residence.

Reportedly, the dilapidated home where the child’s remains were found had 15 occupants. However, according to residents, they were described as squatters and were illegally on the property.

Mother requests lawyer, cops found missing child's body

The family fully cooperated with the lawmen during the initial investigation.

However, while her death appears accidental, the police officers investigating the incident said the child’s mother stopped answering their questions as the investigation progressed. Rick Ackerson, the Deputy Chief, added that a female companion of Gordon advised her not to answer any more questions.

Gordon then requested to see a lawyer before she would continue the interview with the investigating officers.

According to the detectives with the sheriff’s office, the girl’s body was removed to the medical examiner’s office, where the county coroner ruled her death as inconclusive.

However, the case remains open pending further investigation. The County Land Use Department was notified about the condition of the home by the police department.

An examination was launched by city officials, who deemed the dilapidated home unsuitable for occupancy. It has since been red-tagged and will be demolished at a later date by the government office in charge of the city's housing development.