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Crime news is good news if don't see your name in court reports or in headlines.

Reality is what it is and, unfortunately, as long as there are people, there will be crimes committed. This channel is dedicated to delivering crime news. Whether a crime entails someone breaking the law or violating boundaries that should not be crossed, chances are, many court reports arrive in the form of news. Even dumb criminals, pulling stupid stunts often make the news.

This Crime News channel will bring the news to you. Some days will be more active than others. The type of news, variety, and depth all depend on what people say and how they act in society. Crime is about people who aren’t very nice or respectful toward other people or laws. Some just seek to push things to see how far they can get, but find themselves crossing the line into unlawful behavior. You will read about crime and criminals on this channel.

Crime is only limited by the human imagination translated into action. Once a thought leaves a person’s mind and takes shape through human behavior, an element of criminal conduct is born. Some people steal from their friends and their neighbors. Others rob banks. More aggressive and brazen behaviors lead to more serious acts such as armed robberies, rapes, and murder.

Whether it’s blue collar or white collar crime makes no difference here. Crime is crime and this channel will carry the news to you. Some news will undoubtedly evoke a tear or a few, anger, or a need to know more. There is always something that can be learned as a result of others’ behaviors. You may walk away wanting to do something, to take action, to want answers, or to change society for the better. Any response is a natural reaction as long as it helps and not hurts one another.

Crime news is not necessarily bad news: People have been moved by the news to work toward crime prevention, to offer victims’ assistance, to turn emotion into community advocacy, and to stand up for strengthening laws on the books. The takeaway from this Crime News channel will be one constant: It’s always good news if your name is not in the news. That will remain a plus.

Whether it’s innate curiosity, a desire to know more, or a need to help others following acts you read about others committing, the Crime News channel is here for you. This is one way and one place where you won’t have to worry if you laugh at someone else’s expense. There are intelligent criminals, but it’s the ones who are less than stellar who may make you smile. Subscribing to the Crime News channel is open and inviting you to share with your friends, too. The philosophy of the Crime News channel is the more subscribers, the merrier.

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