If there's one constant theme surrounding Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president is that his number one form of communication is Twitter. After Trump's latest tweet, social media users were quick to fire back with thoughts of their own.

Trump on Twitter

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president almost two years ago, he quickly found out that he was not going to see eye to eye with the mainstream media. In an attempt to bypass the more traditional media, the former host of "The Apprentice" decided that Twitter would be the more effective way to promote his message and reach potential voters.

Taking to Twitter on an almost daily basis, Trump was able to rally angry and frustrated Americans who helped lead him to the Republican nomination and ultimately a victory over Hillary Clinton last November. One topic that Trump spoke about ad nauseam on the campaign trail was his support for local law enforcement, which including the controversial political topics dealing with police brutality, typically in relation to the African-American community and the Black Lives Matter movement. On May 18, Trump returned to Twitter to announce "Police Week," which didn't go over well with many on social media.

In the most recent message posted to the president's Twitter feed, Donald Trump attached a video clip of himself praising police officers while also adding a tweet in the process.

"President Donald J. Trump Proclaims 5/14/2017 through 5/20/2017 as #PoliceWeek," the tweet read. While supporters of the president were thrilled with Trump's message, not everyone was happy.

Twitter reaction

In response to Donald Trump declaring the current week as "Police Week," many of his critical followers didn't hold back their opinions.

"Really because the news has declared it 'Trump's crash and burn' week," comedian Samantha Ruddy tweeted out.

"You can give them all 52 weeks but they're still going to arrest you," podcast host Will Noonan wrote on Twitter.

"I proclaim you are an a**hole," Brandon Neely tweeted out. "Other possible names for this week include: 1. The Sandal-Riddled Dumpster Fire 2. The Beginning of the End 3. Trump Hearts Russia Week," author Matthew Dicks added.

"You just fired the nation's top law enforcement officer. For doing his job," another Twitter user wrote. The backlash continued on Donald Trump's Twitter feed as it was apparent that many Americans were still opposed to the commander in chief.