A Haitian immigrant is awaiting a bond hearing after he was charged with first-degree murder. He's accused of beating his pregnant Wife to death after a heated dispute at the couple’s home. The tragic incident happened in front of the couple’s four children, ranging in age from 4-17.

According to the Broward County Police Department, the accused man's wife was reportedly pregnant with her lover's child. It was also reported that the victim had the other man confirm to the jilted husband that he was the father of the unborn child during a phone conversation.

Reportedly, the woman put the call on speaker so that everyone in the room could hear the conversation between her and her purported baby daddy.

Eyewitnesses said the woman bragged openly about the incident with no regard for her husband or her children, who were also in the room at the time of the incident. Florida police stated that the man became irate and beat his wife to death with a pipe wrench. After the incident, he called 911 and reported her death.

Caribbean-Haitian man beats wife to death

The accused man is identified as Claude Sejour a 48-year-old immigrant from the Caribbean. When officers arrived at the scene they found the man in a bloodied white shirt with blood on his cheek and hands.

Officers said that they found the couple’s four children in the room with the woman’s lifeless body. The detectives identified the victim as 40-year-old Marie Carmel Joseph.

The Sun Sentinel reported that after murdering his wife, the man called his next door neighbor and told him he did it, he finished her off. He then called the 911 emergency hotline and went outside to wait for the police to arrive.

Reportedly, as soon as the officers showed up, he told them that he was not crazy. The incident, according to the police officers, happened around 11:00 p.m.

Grieving teen desperately tried to wake dead mother

Alvaro Garcia, who was identified as the couple’s neighbor, said he heard loud noises coming from the home. He said when he went to investigate, he saw the couple’s 17-year-old daughter desperately shaking her mother in an effort to wake her.

The eldest child and her three siblings are currently staying with relatives. According to law officials, Sejour is at the Broward County Jail after being charged with first-degree murder. Broward police said that the man confessed to beating his pregnant wife to death.