As the possibilities of the third impeachment in the U.S. history overshadows the current White House administration, riveting information continues to manifest publicly. Reportedly, news had surfaced that about 18 contacts were made between Donald Trump’s campaign team and the Russians.

Campaign team made secret contacts with Russia

Sources shared that six undisclosed calls were made between Trump’s team and Sergey Kislyak advisers. Michael Flynn, who is being investigated by the Justice Department helps to facilitate the secret contacts. It’s reported that Russian officials and Kremlin associates were contacted through emails and telephone.

Several United States officials told Reuters that the associations were done during the seven months before the 2016 U.S. Presidential race. These undisclosed interactions are now part of the files that are being reviewed by the newly appointed former FBI Director.

Congressional investigators are currently investigating the Kremlin’s interference in the U.S. democratic process. According to Reuters’ sources, Flynn, who was the first national security adviser facilitated the calls between Sergey Kislyak and Donald Trump’s inner circle. The conversations between Kislyak and Flynn accelerated after the Republican nominee won on November 8th.

Four officials close to the investigation said both men discussed establishing better communications between the US and Russian Presidents.

This, they said would improve relations between their countries’ without the interference of the United States bureaucratic national security office.

Moscow's minister directs questions to Donald Trump

However, in January, the White House staff contradicted the report when they initially denied contact with the Russian diplomats.

But they have now confirmed that there were four meetings during the election campaign between Trump and Kislyak advisers. The source also told Reuters they saw no evidence of any collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia in the files already reviewed.

The newly disclosed information may add more pressure on the White House to provide detailed reports to the congressional review board and the FBI.

Sources said inappropriate contacts made at the time was while the hackers were carrying out the Kremlin’s order to hijack the chances of the Hillary Clinton.

Reuters reported they had tried unsuccessfully to get a response from the Trump administration. A requested statement from Michael Fynn’s lawyer was also declined. Ironically, a foreign minister in Moscow told the media outlet to re-direct its call to the White House after declining to comment on the developing story.