It has been a very tough week for the united states president, and now it seems he is under attack by his number one enemy: "the fake news media." Trump even managed to anger some Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill after he abruptly fired the country's Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Angry U.S. President brings fight to fired FBI Director

On Friday morning, he took a nasty shot at the former FBI leader. On his favorite social media platform he once again attacked James Comey. Trump went on Twitter and tweeted that he better make sure that there are no recordings of their discussions that are about to be leaked to the press.

For a while now, the FBI's headquarters have been the focal point of Russian scandals surrounding the US President. And now with the sacking of its Director, it shows that the president's reasoning is certainly suspect. The New York Times, on Thursday, revealed that colleagues of Comey confirmed that Trump summoned the ex-FBI Chief to the White House back in January. Reportedly, during supper, the United States President requested that he pledge his political loyalty to the administration.

However, Trump, in a Fox News interview with Jeanine Pirro, denied the allegations that he asked for Comey's allegiance. But then, shockingly, he said it wouldn't be a terrible thing to request his loyalty.

The president outlined that the meeting was requested by Comey, who told Trump that he was not the subject of any ongoing investigation.

Trump left in firestorm

On Capitol Hill, even Trump's own party members have called the abrupt dismissal of the FBI Director shocking. Democrats, on the other hand, reiterated that Trump's behavior is "Nixonian." The ex-FBI Director is now being backed by former and current FBI officers.

Not to mention, Sean Spicer avoided speaking to the press after the sacking of Comey.

On Friday, James Clapper, the retired National Intelligence Director, authenticated the Times story of the ex-FBI Director's January meeting at the White House.