It has been a very busy week in the US political arena with the bombshell revelation of Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor lying about monetary payments he received from Russia and Turkey. Ex-President Barack Obama had also chimed in and reported that he warned the U. S. President about hiring Michael Flynn.

Trump fired FBI's Director via national television

Hillary Rodham Clinton publicly accused the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey Jr. of ruining her chance to becoming the first female President of the United States of America.

And if that wasn’t enough political news to whet your appetite, today we learned that President Donald Trump has created a new way of firing an employee. James Comey Jr. found out that he was no longer The Fbi's Director via a television that was in the background when he was giving a speech.

Another twist in the ongoing Russian hack saga is that the White House press secretary reported several hours before the President sacked Comey, that he had hired a law firm in Washington D.C. to represent him in the Russian hack scandal. Additionally, U.S. Federal prosecutors handed down several grand jury subpoenas to individuals that worked with Michael Flynn. The prosecutors have requested the business records of the former National Security Advisor.

With the subpoenas handed out, it shows that the Russian case has escalated significantly. According to Cable News Network (CNN), the news agency said it learned of the subpoenas several hours before the United States President publicly sacked the FBI Director. Those who received the legal notice will become a part of the ongoing investigation into Russia’s tie to the United States.

Reportedly, Vladimir Putin had helped the Republican nominee win the US presidency by meddling in the recent U.S. election.

Large-scale investigations launched into Russian ties

Just a few weeks ago, the FBI's Director stated that the agency had launched a broader investigation into the Russian scandal. And according to sources close to the investigation, there seems to be possible collusion between Donald Trump’s election campaign team and the Russian government.

Reportedly, several subpoenas were issued a few weeks ago by the United States Attorney's Office in Alexandria, Virginia. The Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also involved in the investigation of Russia’s connection to Flynn and Donald Trump.

Recently, the US President hired a team of lawyers in Washington to defend him in the infamous case and Michael Flynn's lawyer Robert Kelner declined to talk about the case that continues to read like a Russian high-stake thriller.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation along with Virginia's Us Attorney Office and the Justice Department have launched separate investigations and have also declined to comment on the Russian case.