In light of the recent revelation of the President's security breach, many people are weighing in on the issue. Democrats, as well as some Republicans, expressed shock at the callous behavior of Donald Trump. The United States of America has been at odds with the Kremlin since they hacked the recent 2016 election. Russia's infiltration of the Democrats' computers was allegedly done to sway the election in the favor of Donald Trump.

House Minority Leader blasts President Donald Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently weighed in on the latest scandal surrounding the US President.

Pelosi said Trump disclosing classified information to Russian Diplomats could put U.S. operations and its allies in jeopardy.

On Monday, while participating in a town hall hosted by the CNN network she blasts the Republican President. The House Representative told host Chris Cuomo that highly classified information is a code word used by US spy agencies and the source. Reportedly, the ally had also warned the President not to divulge the information, even to America's closest allies.

The Washington Post was the first media outlet to reveal the breaking news. In its report, it stated that Trump shared with Kremlin officials classified intelligence about the terrorist organization ISIS. The California Democrat stated that the relationship between the US and the source of the highly classified data could deteriorate.

Pelosi said Trump's action could endanger US troops

Pelosi later added that this is the only contact The United States has with direct access to Islamic State inner workings. A US official also reported that the information received by the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister wasn't even shared with the country's own trusted allies.

The California lawmaker added that even though the president was within his right to de-classify information, this, however, should not have be given to the Russians, who could trace the source, or reveal the classified information to others. She further reiterated that the shared information could endanger lives and the operations of the U.S.

armed forces.

According to Pelosi, other countries may lose trust in the United States when it comes to sharing sensitive information. The Democrat also said that the revelation could cause ISIS militants to retaliate in response to the leaked information the president revealed.