A Florida man has been accused by several women of allegedly faking Stage 4 Cancer just to lure them in. As his very romantic wedding first went public, then viral, the story has now come out, and will likely also have a viral following – but not the sort that the “playboy” intended, to be sure.

Marriage to his long-lost love goes viral

60-year-old Ken Boyer of Palm Bay, Fl. became famous when he married his long-lost love. His marriage this month to Michelle Kimbrel from Missouri was covered by WKMG-TV, after he told them he had reconnected with Kimbrel via Facebook just a couple of weeks before they decided to wed.

The romantic story went viral. That is when his problems started.

Women started calling in after they recognized the Florida man

Once the story – and his recognizable face – was out there, women from across Florida started phoning the TV station, saying they recognized Boyer from a former relationship with him. All the women told the station how they first met Boyer on the dating website SingleParentMeet. In every case, he told the women that he had stage 4 liver cancer, instantly gaining their sympathy. When he met each woman in person, Boyer told each of them that it was “love at first sight.”

A master manipulator at work

As noted by Fox News, the women are now all aware of the existence of each other.

Karen Hagerty, one of several “loves at first sight” told WKMG-TV that Boyer “loved” every one of them from the second he laid eyes on them, adding that Boyer is very good at what he does. She went on to say he is a conman and a "master manipulator."

It turned out Boyer was living with a lady by the name of Barbara Jones at the time he was dating all those women.

Jones told the TV station that they had been together since 2015 and that she had been planning to spend the rest of her life with him. She had no idea there were other women in his life – until she checked the calls on his cellphone. Jones has reportedly filed a civil lawsuit against him to try and get back $22,000 she loaned Boyer.

As for the other lovestruck ladies, it turned out Boyer was using them to get meals and often asked if he could stay at their homes to avoid the person he dubbed his “old landlady,” which turned out to be his way of referring to Jones.

A response from the ‘playboy’ Florida man

As reported by Click Orlando, Boyer responded to the news by making a statement to WKMG-TV, in which he didn’t deny knowing all the women. In fact, he admitted that he had dated all of them, but he said there is no way he is going to “play their game.” According to the Florida man, the people that really know him and love him still care about him, but he added that the TV station hadn’t talked to them – he said they are only interested in speaking to a bunch of hateful, jealous and angry women.

He went on to defend his stage 4 cancer diagnosis, but reportedly gave no medical proof. Boyer then went on to say he had never said he only had weeks to live, and accused the TV station of using the “drama card” to sell his story.