The Trump Administration said the visitor's log would no longer be available for public viewing. It documents the names of all individuals who had visited the presidential complex. Previously, it was accessible under the Freedom of Information Act. Trump’s action breaks from a policy that was set in place by ex-President Barack Obama.

Trump cites security reason to reverse Obama's policy

After much contemplation, the Republican administration breaks from its predecessor’s policy after taking over the Oval Office. According to public records, the Obama administration revealed over 6 million records during his eight years in office.

The Workers and Visitors Entry System logs are kept by the United States Secret Service that reviews all guests to the 18-acre property.

Michael Dubke, the White House chief correspondent, said the decision came after Trump's grave concerns about national security. Dubke said the process will be decided by the judicial body that will rule if the White House visitors log falls under the Freedom of Information Act. However, three GOP officials said they are expecting opponents to voice their concerns, but security is very important to the President.

Trump's new law will require the visitor's logs kept privately for five years until after he leaves the Oval Office. The spokesperson highlighted that Barack Obama had a judge grant his administration the privilege of redacting and withholding several high profile names.

In fact, Obama took his battle all the way to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, he added.

Donald Trump argued that the ex-President deliberately revealed the names to fulfill his promise of being the first straightforward administration.nAdditionally, the U.S. President revealed that Obama's security counsel redacted some names because of security reasons and issued the fragmented version for public scrutiny.

Congressional Democrats created the Mar-A-Lago Act

Also, personal events by the First Family were removed from the visitor's log. Private meetings with top donors and federal judicial guests were also removed or redacted from the logs. Reportedly, meetings with special interest groups were scheduled at nearby coffee shops.

This move by the Republican administration did not go over well with the congressional Democrats.

They had since created the "Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act," or MAR-A-LAGO Act. The act will force disclosure of the President's Mar-A-Lago trips. Reportedly, Donald Trump is a member at the swanky facility and often meets privately with high profile individuals.