One of America’s most loved soda organizations, on Monday, took on a whole new ad campaign. Channeling the Resistance Movement from the early 1900’s. The company carefully crafted advertisement highlighting the segregation and racial profiling problems that occur almost on a daily basis in the United States.

Apparently, Pepsi was on the prowl looking for new ways to invigorate the company’s brand and try to further the message of the Resistance Movement. Therefore, they thought of using a popular celebrity, who would effectively reach the masses through social media.

And so Kendall Jenner was brought on board to help develop an influence on several social media platforms.Young Jenner was chosen because she was hot and youthful, not to mention, she is from the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Pepsi's Resistance Movement Ad- A bad judgment?

The model would only have to use her celebrity status to persuade purchasers that the beverage of the Resistance Movement is none other than Pepsi.The historical movement commenced way back in 1909 when life-threatening hunger strikes were used by detained suffragettes to challenge unjust treatments. Rosa Parks, in 1955 while on a public transport in Montgomery, Alabama, strengthened the movement when she declined to surrender her seat, which was requested by a Caucasian traveler.

However, the advert skipped over many other historical empowerment events and mentioned Malala Yousafzai, who did not back down from the notorious Taliban that shot her on a school bus. Yousafzai even in the face of danger remained resolute at supporting women's rights to education and training in her country.

Pepsi in its advert had tried to help promote and highlight the empowerment of the movement with supermodel Kendall Jenner featured as the fake dissent.

Kendall Jenner leads resistance march in Pepsi's advert

The company's "Live For Now Moments Anthem" featured Jenner and strategically highlighted "Lions" the single by Bob Marley's grandson Skip Marley. And while it’s difficult to envision how they generated their brand new ideas, Pepsi masterfully or so they thought, pulled off the intended message.

The commercial started with a sleep inducing soundtrack and showcased a plethora of different youngsters doing the very things that society denied or had branded them incapable of accomplishing. Jenner, the star of the commercial was shown at a nearby photo shoot, then without signals, everyone in the video abandoned what they were doing and joined her in a historic march that channels “Peace” and “Love.” Additionally, another sign in the video begged citizens to “Join The Conversation.” Meanwhile, at the end of the video, the group while noticeable drinking Pepsi waved their hands and asked: “Where is the love?”

However, while the Pepsi ad was made in good faith, it created an uproar across the United States with many people arguing that the popular brand trivialized Black Lives Matter and the Resistance Movement in an effort to sell more sodas. And with mounting backlash over the advertisement, Pepsi had since pulled the plug on the controversial commercial.