Amidst constant threats of an impending missile strike coming from North Korea, the US navy continued its scheduled joint naval drills with four different countries in the Korean peninsula, reported The Associated Press. The aim of the drills is to check each navy's capability of intercepting ballistic missiles. The drills will be spearheaded by the USS Carl Vinson carrier group and the naval representatives of South Korea.

North Korea lashed out threats of blowing the US carrier out of the water

Even after North Korea constantly failed to effectively launch a missile into the Sea of Japan, Kim Jong-Un continues to threaten US forces in the area with missile strikes.

Recently, North Korea issued threats of destroying the nuclear submarine USS Michigan, which is currently docked in South Korea.

The US navy isn't taking any chances with Pyongyang and regards each rhetoric, no matter how improbable it may be, as serious threats to American safety. The US navy uses this pretext of continued North Korean belligerence to justify its naval maneuvers in the area. It is still not sure how long the USS Carl Vinson will stay in the Korean peninsula, but the scheduled drills are expected to conclude next week, reports Yonhap News agency

China does not condone US-South Korean joint drills as it will only worsen the situation

Beijing has openly criticized the joint naval drills between the US and South Korea as increasing the tension with North Korea.

However, china continues to provide exports to the belligerent state even after Trump urged Xi Jinping to increase pressure on North Korea and force it to diplomacy.

China, however, publicly stated that Beijing is fully supportive of North Korea's denuclearization; However, Beijing will not support a US show of force in the area.

This was also stated by President Xi Jinping during his phone call with Trump last week, urging the US president to remain calm and refrain from doing actions that may worsen the situation in North Korea.

Japan braces itself for feared missile attacks from Pyongyang

As they are part of the front lines, if a conflict does erupt in the Korean peninsula, Japan is trying its best to inform and prepare its citizens for preemptive missile strikes.

There are approximately 50,000 US personnel in Japan, making it one of the largest concentration of American forces abroad, effectively becoming part of Pyongyang's list of first-strike targets. At the moment, the Japanese navy is also part of the joint drills with the Uss Carl Vinson in the Korean peninsula. It has also committed to escort US supply ships from the Pacific headed for the troops now stationed in South Korea.