Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were seemingly on friendly terms, especially since Trump became President of the United States. However, recently the two political leaders are locked in a diplomatic clash over the gas attack on innocent Syrian citizens. President Trump reportedly had accused the Kremlin of turning a blind eye to the chemical attack by the Assad government.

Donald Trump defends Vladimir Putin

Just a week ago, the U.S President was accused of being the unwitting influence agent for the Russian President. Meanwhile, in March, the United States President rushed to defend Vladimir Putin after he was referred to as a cold-blooded killer.

Putin was accused of being the mastermind behind the recent execution-style killing of Denis Voronenkov on March 23, 2017. Several critics levied their accusations and highlighted the death of 11 other Russian politicians who spoke out against the Kremlin. Reportedly, these people tragically lost their lives over a period of 14 years.

Putin was also accused of ordering the hack into the Democratic party computers and posting debilitating information about the Democrats' Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump assumed the Oval Office from ex-President Barack Obama almost three months ago, but his presidency is often times marked by unpredictability.

However, now the shift in the relationship between the two leaders has taken on a more confrontational tone.

This is a far cry from the once cozy relationship that they portrayed toward each other. And while the political landscape shifted and the saga continues to play out publicly, this is definitely not what Donald Trump had envisioned between himself and the Russian President.

Putin and Trump's relationship slowly deteriorating?

According to a report by the Huffington Post, the admiration has badly deteriorated, maybe even beyond repair. And the idea of improving Russian and American relations will be hard to achieve, especially with the atmosphere seemingly souring. Only time will tell, though.