When President Donald Trump ordered the deployment of the #Mother Of All bombs, a moniker for the massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb that kills and destroys all within a widespread 1000 yard radius, the world stood up and paid attention. It happened in a big week that highlighted America's widespread plan for its military dominance in world affairs.

This new deployment of a serious military weapon has caused many to realize that the stakes are high, much higher in this new phase of #US military negotiation and dominance in the new global playing field under Trump.

How many were killed varies

The #Afghanistan government claimed that only 36 people died in the blast in the rebel held Islamic State stronghold, a maze of tunnels and underground hallways, but US officials are weary that such calculations have been incorrect in the past and that there could have been more fatalities. Another source said the Death Toll may have been about 80 people, all of them rebel #Islamic State fighters.

Sources also say that no civilians were probably killed since the area where the bomb dropped has seen massive amounts of fighting between rebel armies and the US and #Afghanistan troops in the past weeks. As a result of this deep combat, many civilians left the area.