The Trump administration's new #international conflict strategy seems to be about replacing words with bombs, and many US adversaries in the world are taking stock of this new situation.

Whereas the #Obama administration used carefully crafted messages, the use of diplomatic envoys and even tough economic sanctions against those countries who posed an extra problem – such as Russia in its annexation of Crimea and its curtail into the Ukraine – Trump, it seems, is not interested in negotiating or entreating its adversaries.

The deployment of brute force

President Donald Trump's administration is more interested in the #deployment of force and showcasing the United State's military strength. Even George W Bush who came before him didn't use the Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb that was deployed this week in Afghanistan. Bush's administration was considering using the huge weapon – a bomb that weighs 22000 pounds and gives off a 1000 yard radius of death blasts – in his efforts to catch and destroy #Saddam Hussein and his government.

After carefully considering the range of the blast and the likely fatalities of civilians nearby, the #Bush administration chose not to use this military option since the collateral damage would have been 'massive' according to Marc Galaso, who directed a military department in the Joint Staff that held as its aim the death of Saddam Hussein.