Isaac Robitille was just 13 years of age when his mother put alcohol into his Feeding Tube, effectively cutting his life short with alcohol poisoning. Melissa Robitille, 41, and her boyfriend came up with the plan to kill the disabled boy by putting vodka into his feeding tube. As reported by the New York Post, Isaac was reportedly born blind, with no ears, had a cleft palate and also had developmental issues, meaning he required constant care. He was reportedly “being fussy” at the time they put the vodka into his feeding tube. At the time of his death, Isaac’s blood alcohol level was 0.146 percent, nearly twice the legal limit for adults when driving.

Glad Isaac finally got justice

According to Kristen Millard, Isaac was like a brother to her children and was part of their family. She has found it very difficult since he passed away. Millard and her husband helped to care for the severely disabled teenager who depended on others – and the feeding tube – to keep him alive. Millard said she worked as a deaf-blind intervener for Isaac at school, while her husband gave him personal care at their home.

However, despite the Millards’ care, it was Isaac’s own mother, in his own home, that was the problem. According to the prosecutor, Robitille and her boyfriend came up with the idea to put vodka in her son’s feeding tube a few hours before he passed away in 2014.

However, it has taken until now for her to be found guilty of the crime. As reported by, a St. Johnsbury, Vt. jury found Robitille guilty of manslaughter on Friday. The mother reportedly showed no emotion in court when the jury announced its verdict.

Isaac's uncle was in court when the verdict was read and while he says he will be OK, he worries about what the trial and Isaac’s death will do to his three girls, who spent so much time with the disabled teenager.

According to David Robitille, the whole experience has affected his daughters profoundly. While he says they will get through it with help, the stress of the whole trial has been tough on the girls.

Millard said her family can now start to heal and that they are happy with the jury’s decision. She said it has been a difficult couple of years and the week of the trial was particularly hard on her husband and children.

Robitille to face sentencing for the death of her disabled son

According to the court, Robitille could be spending the next 15 years behind bars and is already in prison, awaiting her sentencing. Walter Richters, 40, her boyfriend at the time of the crime, took a plea deal for manslaughter and is already serving three years in prison. At the time of the plea deal, Robitille was facing a second-degree murder charge, but pleaded not guilty.

In other similar recent news, Blasting News reported on the story of a couple who watched “Manchester by the Sea” one evening. The movie inspired them to set their home alight, with their severely disabled son still inside. Heather Franklin, 33 and her husband, Ernest Franklin II, 35, killed their 16-year-old special needs adopted son Jeffrey within two hours of watching the film. Both parents have been convicted of murder and could face 25 years behind bars.