With Obama's #Affordable Care Act, Americans have overall had better access to care and more financial freedom and security, meaning that they haven't gone into bankruptcy or economic distress to get the medical care they need.

And when trump ran in the election campaign, he promised better #universal healthcare, even though Republicans are known to be averse to universal coverage.

What nobody saw coming was reports of Republicans and Trump supporters who are now Angry that the man they voted for is going to take their Obamacare away from them.

At the town hall meetings in February, Republican senators saw and heard from angry constituents who wanted their #healthcare intact.

In a survey done by the New York Times in January, Trump voters were asked about Obamacare and many feared losing it and it being replaced with a version lobbied by Republicans. In this way they started to sound more like Bernie Sanders supporters than Trump ones.

What we do know is that the GOP is facing a crisis over its healthcare strategy. And Obamacare has proven to have won the popular vote.