The Untied States is withdrawing from the #Paris accord according to sources quoted by the New York Times on Wednesday. And other countries around the world are reaffirming their commitments to the landmark Agreement – as of Wednesday. Let's see if that lasts after Trump formally makes his announcement.

It's going to get warmer

Withdrawing from the landmark Paris accord will irreversibly harm the deal that seeks to curb carbon emissions and global warming and also to avert the worst hazards of real and endangering #climate change.

Tensions may flare in the future

Other specialists and analysts have said that the US abandoning the #Paris accord is also a geopolitically dangerous move that could leave the US vulnerable to bad trade deals and other diplomacy issues with those countries that seek a return on their investment in the planet.

America is presently one of the largest polluters, with their emissions of carbon dioxide topping most other countries in the world. Scientists have said that the planet will be irreversibly affected hazardous levels of warming pollution even more swiftly if Trump does a turnaround on the country's pledge to cut back on their carbon dioxide pollution.