The United Nations has announced that #action for the climate “is unstoppable”, just as President Donald Trump decides if the US will remain in the landmark Paris climate accord. The expected announcement has many environmentalists wringing their hands in despair, as students, celebrities, business and political leaders are independently pledging their resources and actions to fight climate change.

According to sources in the #White House quoted by the media, Trump is expected to take the United States away from the climate agreement in the next few days, even though this was not confirmed by the American president during a meeting he took with the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in Washington on Wednesday.

In that meeting, President Trump was questioned by a reporter about his inclination to leave the accord and President Trump rejoined with “You’re going to find out very soon”.

What if the US withdraws?

If Trump does withdraw the United States of America from the accord then he will be making good on a campaign promise to his constituents, but at the same time he will be severely sabotaging and weakening the 2015 accord that had nearly every nation taking meaningful action to curtail #global warming.

The accord was signed by #President Barack Obama and was seen as an immensely positive step forward toward not just environmental stewardship but also collective, and therefore meaningful global action.

It was an agreement and a time that brought all countries together in a meaningful way, something that has become increasingly rare in today's world.

Sources talk

A senior White House official who was quoted by the New York Times, announced on Wednesday that the actual concise language of Trump's exit announcement was still being decided on.

The same official said the United States' action to retreat from the accord could be supplemented by legal stipulations that will give greater definition to the impact of the exiting decision.

Trump is meeting with the #Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon. It is well known that Tillerson was hoping that the US would remain within the Paris accord; he was expected to attempt to pitch the president his point of view in the hopes that he will change his mind.

But as reports that the United States are on the brink of exiting the deal, many other countries, such as the EU, #China and India have all bolstered their commitment to the collective global action of fighting global warming.

The #United Nations wrote in an early morning tweet on Wednesday that “Climate change is undeniable. Climate action is unstoppable. Climate solutions provide opportunities that unmatchable.” The United Nation also added in some footage of UN Secretary-General António Guterres admonishing world leaders, and those in society and business, to take the reigns and reaffirm their ambitious fight against climate warming.

“It is absolutely essential that the world implements the #Paris agreement,” Mr Guterres voiced out passionately, saying that he would try and take the convoking and collective power of the United Nations to make meaningful work with governments and other society and business power centers to ramp up the world's evolution towards a truly sustainable future.

In New York on Tuesday Mr Guterres announced that “It’s very clear that governments are not everything.” He continued that the UN is trying its best to show the US, Congress and the Trump administration, that funding organizations such as the UN as well as development aid and foreign policy is something that will best serve the American people.