The United State's have just shown their true colors under President Trump and it's not a pretty picture. With the country pulling out of the #landmark Paris climate accord, the message President Trump is sending the world is one of arrogance and greed.

We are above everyone else

The United States under President Trump is essentially saying that the country is above meaningful #global action to end global warming and that the US economy is more important than other country's economies, as well as the wellbeing of the whole planet.

As the UN are giving speeches encouraging and telling people to make their own changes and to do what they can do to make the world less warm, other countries like China and India are reaffirming their pledge to the #Paris climate accord in meaningful and optimistic ways.

#Barack Obama signed the much applauded accord in 2015 and it was seen as a positive step toward global unity, togetherness and fighting for what matters. But with Donald Trump in the driver's seat all of that has been lost.

A US withdrawal from the #landmark planet-cooling accord is going to be a big dent in the deal itself, since other countries may follow suit and attempt to up their emissions caps.