This weekend, #FBI director James Comey, requested the Justice Department to openly reject President Trump’s claims that then-President Barack Obama had ordered for Mr trump's phones to be wire tapped. The director of the FBI has stated that the dramatic accusation from Trump is not based in any truth and should be corrected, officials from the department claimed.

Mr. Comey's request came to light on Saturday after Trump, the President of the United States of America, fired off a series of #impassioned tweets early in the morning claiming that Obama ordered the unusual and unsubstantiated order.

Will the Justice Department reject bombshell claims?

Comey has been trying to convince the #Justice Department to reject Trump's unusual assertion, since it insinuates that the FBI broke the law, officials stated on Monday. Nobody from either the FBI or the Justice Department was willing to comment on the matter.

The FBI director's request – and the very act that he spoke out – is a highly unusual admonition of a President-elect, since it translates as the #United State's most senior law enforcement official publicly questioning – and scolding – the veracity of the head of the nation.

Although many politicians and officials on both sides of the political divide spoke out against #Mr Trump's accusations on Saturday, this confrontation between the FBI director and the president is the most serious consequence of what many see as Trump's out-of-control and highly unprofessional – and not very presidential –Twitter usage.

This fracas – following many in the last week – highlights the perils of what the President and his advisors have unleashed by accusing a former president of illegal and high-stakes spying on another political opponent.

Officials and politicians speak out

On Twitter many spoke out against the fracas. #Nancy Pelosi, House Democrat demanded that Sessions step down from his post and that Trump be investigated.

She wrote: 'The Deflector-in-Chief is at it again. An investigation by an independent commission is the only answer.'

On Sunday, Trump insisted that a congressional inquiry into #Mr. Obama's apparent abuse of federal Law Enforcement Agencies during the 2016 presidential election take place. Trump's spokesman added that the President had described “reports” about the wiretapping troubling and alluded that Congress should look at these reports along with investigations into Russia’s possible interference in the election.

#The White House didn't back down from the President's claims, but instead stated on Monday that it would no longer comment on the matter. Senior FBI officials, meanwhile, are worried about the effect of these accusations on the bureau's credibility. Comey has not been dealing directly with #Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, since Sessions on Thursday recused himself from any processes examining the possible Russia influence in the election.

Many on Twitter are wondering what will happen in the upper ranks of the country's security and law enforcement agencies, as such a conflict has never happened before.