In games like “Overwatch,” support characters are as important as any other heroes. Without them, it is almost impossible for a team to advance and/or capture a point. They’re there to either heal or boost their teammates.

When talking about support characters, one of the most popular ones is none other than Ana. The sniper expert can help keep her teammates alive from afar thanks to her rifle. Below are some tips on how to use her more efficiently in “Overwatch.”

Prioritize healing

As a support character, Ana’s main focus should be healing. It is her responsibility to look after her allies and make sure that they get the healing they needed.

Interestingly, Ana can keep her teammates by simply targeting them. She can even do this from afar, which makes her the most efficient long-range healer.

Apart from that, she can make use of her Biotic Grenade. Now, this skill is not only meant to heal teammates. It can also damage opponents as long as they are within the skill’s AoE. Here, it is best to throw it on an area in which opponents are situated. But of course, the player must ensure that his/her allies are affected.

Target characters on higher grounds

Sometimes, a team finds it difficult to advance to the opponents’ defense. They are just so effective that neither of the teams can move forward. This is most especially if an enemy is well-placed in a higher ground.

He/she must have the visibility to knock opponents, giving the advancing team a hard knock. However, Ana can be a key player here.

Basically, she can use her scope in “Overwatch” to target characters from higher grounds. This is even true to opponents who utilize Pharah. Remember that the missile expert is somewhat difficult to eliminate.

But with Ana, she can help her team fend off these higher ground characters and highly mobile heroes.

Use Nano Boost correctly and timely

Most players in “Overwatch” tend to rush themselves when deploying Nano Boost. As a result, the ultimate is wasted and the team fails to advance. It is why it is important for a player to understand when it is a good time to deploy the ultimate.

When advancing, make sure that the target is equipped with his/her ultimate. For instance, before applying the Nano Boost to Reinhardt, make sure he is ready to unleash his Earthshatter. That way, the combo and application can be more beneficial to the team. Remember, too, that players tend to attack hastily once they are Nano Boosted. So, as much as possible, use it wisely and timely.