Overwatch” is arguably one of the best shooter titles in recent memory. It has accumulated a huge following since its release last year. More importantly, it has become a staple in the eSports scene.

But like any other games, it also has its own flaws and whatnots. This time around, it involves a player waiting in the queue at “Overwatch.” Unfortunately for him, he waited for at least 13 hours before he finally joined a match. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Waiting in queue

According to DBLTap, a Reddit user and player by the name of nilwho revealed his experience with Blizzard’s title.

Apparently, he waited for about 13 hours, 5 minutes, and 34 seconds in the queue. This even helped him set a brand new record waiting for the longest time to find a match in the game. This is quite disturbing in a sense, though. He revealed that he searched for a match just seconds before the fifth season was about to end. When the game’s competitive queues were turned to offseason mode, he was basically trapped in the queue for something that felt like forever.

The “Overwatch” player, however, had no idea that he had broken the record. He even thought that it was not only him who suffered from the long queue. But as soon as the timer hit 20 minutes, he started to grow uneasy. When it hit one hour, his confusion began.

Apparently, he still waited for at least five hours before he decided to go to bed. Eventually, the search continued for about 13 hours until the game’s client kicked him out, as a new update was being patched.

Sixth Season

Fortunately, nilwho was able to join a match in “Overwatch” Competitive Play. He had to endure the long wait, though.

It is worth noting that Blizzard just unleashed the new season in the game. But unlike its predecessors, it is only slated to last for two months. There are also a couple of changes, with one being the demotion. Basically, players who tend to stay for days in a certain tier will be demoted. Blizzard, however, did not explain how this system totally works but as the name suggests, players’ skill ratings will be affected.

Furthermore, the studio revamped the game’s report and punishment system. This is due to the fact that the toxicity level in Competitive Play is high. The developers are hoping to resolve this issue by implementing a stricter punishment system. This should somehow tackle those who tend to leave early and talk trash. Well, it seems this brand new season is going to be as exciting as ever.