Blizzard recently released Patch 1.14 to the live servers of “Overwatch.” The update introduced the highly anticipated Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch in the game. In addition, a new map, dubbed as Chateau Guillard, is made available to players. However, while the new features and modes are exciting and bring fresh variety, there are other significant additions released alongside the update. This includes the heroes balance changes that pleased most Roadhog, Widowmaker, Orisa, and Junkrat players.

Hero balance changes

The Patch notes of Update 1.14 reveals that Roadhog’s Take a Breather can now be utilized while the hero is moving.

In addition, Roadhog now gets 50 percent less damage during the skill duration. According to Blizzard, the latest changes rolled out to Roadhog will make players become more aggressive every time they look for hook targets or for blocking the hero in the team. Moreover, the changes also improve the survivability of the Junkertown evictee in the battlefield.

The latest buff does not make Roadhog a powerful and destructive hero like he used to be in the game. It is worth noting that Blizzard previously nerfed the hero’s bullet damage by 33 percent, which disappointed many players. However, it is a good indication that the developer is still looking for a way to improve the tank hero.


Apart from Roadhog, Widowmaker also gets improvements in two of her skills. The cooldown of her Grappling Hook has been reduced to eight seconds from its previous 12-second cooldown. The French Assassin’s Venom Mine now allows her to see the target through walls. This is only exclusive to her and her teammates are excluded from this latest change.


Blizzard also rolls out several changes to the Australian demolitionist. Now, he is more versatile and his Ultimate has received improvements. The hero’s Concussion Mine can now store up to two mines, making him more mobile. In addition, his RIP-Tire is now 30 percent faster while the time limit for climbing walls is now removed.

This means that Junkrat’s vulnerability while manipulating the tire is reduced and increases his chance of getting more opponents in the blast zone.


Orisa also received several changes with Update 1.14. The projectile speed of her Fusion Driver is now increased by 20 percent. Her Protective Barrier is also increased to 20 percent with the shape of her shield changed to block enemy’s fire from below.

Meanwhile, changes to D.Va, Mercy, and Reinhardt are now in “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. The Junkertown map and the Ecopoint: Antarctica are also in the game’s PTR. With the way things are going, it appears that Blizzard has more changes and additions coming to the game soon.