One of the things players love about “Overwatch” is its competitiveness. This element is widely celebrated on the game’s Competitive Play mode. This is where players try to rank themselves, showcasing their prowess in the game.

With the conclusion of the fifth season, a brand new season arrived. It is none other than Season 6, and with every season comes new changes. Well, here is everything about the new season in a nutshell.

The sixth Season arrives

The season started Friday, but it is very much unlike its predecessors. Why? First and foremost, it will last for two months only.

It is worth noting that the previous season lasted for at least three months. Blizzard reportedly wants to see what this limitation could bring. So far, though, the community’s reception is overwhelming.

Competitive Play in “Overwatch” will only be unlocked once players reach level 25. But before they can rank, they will have to undergo ten placement matches. This is where their tiers will be determined based on the accumulated skill rating. The tiers, in particular, offer unique SR and gameplay experience. Interestingly, players can earn rewards and competitive points the higher they place themselves in the rankings. The competitive points, for instance, can be used to purchase Golden Weapons.

These are another version of their characters weapons and are colored in, well, gold. Fortunately for the top 500 players (in both platform and region), they have the chance to unlock a unique player icon.

Demotion in Competitive Play

Blizzard has been very vocal about their plans to upgrade the gameplay experience of players in CompetitiveOverwatch.” The community itself has noticed a great increase in toxicity level.

Players tend to leave early while others talk trash. Apart from the revamped reporting system, the studio is looking to introduce a brand new feature called Demotion. As the name speaks, if players will not be able to maintain the skill rating based on their given rank, they will likely to go lower in the rank. This is reportedly over the course of at least five games.

According to Slingshot Esports, the sixth season will not also allow players to be placed in a rank slightly lower than what their skill ratings say. Moreover, the formula used to calculate the skill rating of a player has been tweaked. To simply put it, players will earn more skill rating points with every win. Blizzard also tweaked the system in such a way that the skill rating gained by low ranked players would be consistent. It is also worth noting that the daily decay rating for those who cannot play competitive games have been decreased from 50 to 25.