Blizzard has introduced a ton of changes in “Overwatch” lately. Mercy’s revamped ability, in particular, made the headlines. While some liked the tweaks, others were not happy.

Nonetheless, the studio went on to release yet another change in one of the heroes in “Overwatch.” It is none other than D.Va, the mech-riding character. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Defense Matrix gets buff

According to Dot Esports, the character is currently being tweaked by Blizzard on the game’s Public Test Realm. In the latest update, the studio nerfed her new ability called Micro Missiles, but just a little bit.

Its damage has been reduced to at least 25 percent. Interestingly, many deemed the change important. Players thought it was needed to give the hero the overall balance she needed.

Apparently, though, D.Va’s Micro Missiles was not the only skill Blizzard tweaked in “Overwatch.” The developer is set to give her Defense Matrix a boost. Basically, its regeneration rate will be subtly increased by 25 percent. The game’s principal designer named Jeff Goodman explained that the boost would let her “generally use” the skill more often. This should also keep her “second cap on a single use.”

Using her Micro Missiles

Goodman further said that D.Va’s missiles in “Overwatch” proved to be strong. It gave her a huge advantage over her opponents, something that the studio does not want to happen.

This opted Goodman and the rest of the team to nerf her Micro Missiles. Interestingly, this was at the cost of buffing her Defense Matrix. It should be noted that while flying, D.Va can still deploy her Micro Missiles. She can also shoot using her Fusion Cannons and use Defense Matrix. This was the new mobility the developers introduced via the latest patch.

Blizzard, however, is reportedly not satisfied with the changes made on D.Va in “Overwatch.” Goodman claimed that they are still looking to tweak her ability. Of course, this is only going to happen if they find it necessary. But currently, Goodman thinks that D.Va has gained more flexibility in using her skills. For him, though, this is only right.

This should keep her and the rest of the team alive. Besides, she is a tank character; so it is understandable for her to have such an advantage.

Changes coming to live servers

The studio has yet to announce a release date for the changes to D.Va on “Overwatch” PTR. Goodman explained that these should arrive on the official servers in no time at all, though he cannot provide an exact timeline.