It holds true that “Overwatch” has a very interesting combat system and more to offer. But when it comes to characters, its roster is just off the charts. The skill set the heroes have and their origins, among others, are simply amazing.

Interestingly, the “Overwatchhero that players use most of the time in Quick Play is none other than Genji. This is actually surprising, considering the love and hate relationship the character has with the players. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The cyborg ninja is on top

According to Dot Esports, Genji leads in being the most picked hero in Quick Play.

The latter is basically the non-competitive gameplay experience. This was confirmed by none other than Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard’s director for the game. Kaplan first shared a list that showed the rankings of all heroes. The rankings, in particular, were based on the each of the character’s play time. The cyborg ninja owns the status within the timeline of August 2 to 9. He has then followed the newly-released character named Doomfist. Next is Hanzo, who lands third, and McCree and Soldier: 76.

Interestingly, Genji tops the list shared by the “Overwatch” director in a huge play time difference. “He’s got a dramatic lead,” Kaplan said. He, however, said that the stats involving the said hero can sometimes be misleading.

Kaplan explained that the stats refer to the “play time” of all heroes. Although Genji leads the stat race, it does not necessarily mean that he is better or worse. Still, it is a good tool to keep track of the most popular heroes in the game.

Followed by the Swedish Medic

Surprisingly, Mercy is the leading character in the “Overwatch” Competitive Play.

She is Genji’s counterpart basically. Well, this is actually interesting. In the game’s lore, the two are believed to have a romantic relationship. The Swedish medic is then followed by the mech-riding hero named D.Va. Next on the list is Lucio, Genji, and Soldier: 76. They all fill out the top five. Filling the sixth place is Winston, followed by Ana and Zarya.

Reinhardt and McCree fill the 9th and 10th spots.

Kaplan ended the forum discussion with a promise of adding more detailed statistics within “Overwatch.” These should be found in the Career Profile and/or statistic pages. But as far as the request for a map-based statistics is concerned, Kaplan rejected it. He said that while they love the idea behind it, they just do not have the time. “I am hoping that we get some time in the future to make it better,” he said.