Recently, Blizzard revealed that two new modes are coming to “Overwatch.” These are Free-For-All and Deathmatch. But perhaps the most interesting one is the latter.

In hopes to clear any misconception, the very own game director of “Overwatch” named Jeff Kaplan explained how Deathmatch really works. According to Inven Global, Kaplan pointed out some interesting details of the said mode via a new Developer Update video on YouTube. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What is Deathmatch?

It is worth noting that in the past, Kaplan and his team at Blizzard kept saying that Deathmatch would not arrive at the game.

His explanation was simply because the game was focused on objectives and, obviously, teamplay. Interestingly, the studio is set to release this mode and Free-For-All on the game’s official servers soon. This is where Kaplan explained the difference between the Deathmatch mode and what players think.

First and foremost, the aforementioned “Overwatch” mode will be composed of eight players. The top four will be able to acquire the win credit at the end of the match. Players can pick any heroes they want, but Kaplan pointed out that this could be changed. He believes that some heroes in the game can completely take the balance and gameplay away from the said mode. There will also be a new set of maps: the family estate of Widowmaker and the Chateau Guillard.

The objective is to acquire the first 20 kills.

What other details are involved?

There will also be a Team Deathmatch in “Overwatch.” Unlike the above-mentioned, this version will be 4 vs. 4. The matches will be played on Arena maps and other modified CTF maps. The winning team will be the one to get the first 30 kills. However, Mercy’s ultimate called Resurrect has the ability to take away some kills counts.

Hence it is best to build a team around her than any other support heroes. Apparently, though, the Chateau Guillard is not playable in the team version of Deathmatch.

Kaplan jokingly said that Deathmatch is perfect for “Overwatch” players who want to blow off some steam. He is referring to players who tend to have a rough night on Competitive Play.

A year ago, Blizzard said on Twitter that Team Deathmatch completely defeats the entire purpose of the game. They describe the title as a team-based shooter. Deathmatch, on the other hand, is merely “an oxymoron.” But hey, things have changed and they are bringing to the live servers. Currently, the said maps and modes are live on the game’s Public Test Realm.