A few months ago “Microsoft” announced that its developers were working on the launch of the "Xbox Live Creators Program" pilot. Now the Redmond company announces that the program is now available to any game maker to share its titles with more than 50 million users on Xbox Live. The “Creators Program” is an initiative with which from “Xbox” wanted to help and empower developers to publish their games in the digital stores of Xbox One and Windows 10 directly. "This is a significant step for the Xbox team as it allows us to continue to offer a larger and more diverse catalog of great creators or small developers around the world," explains Chris Charla, director of ID at “Xbox.”

Next, we will share with you all details revealed about the new feature coming to the Xbox console, and other new changes enabled by “Microsoft.”

How will the new Creator Program work on Xbox Live?

The “Creators Program” allows developers to directly publish their games on Xbox One and Windows 10 computers through a simplified certification process without any prior approval.

In Windows 10, these games will appear under the category (Games) in the Windows Store. On Xbox One, these games will also be inside a special section called "Creators Collection" within the game section. The "Xbox Live Creators Program" is the dream of both independent and first-time developers, as it is an ideal way to start to fully discover the development of video games and applications and publish them yourself in the Microsoft Store. Of course, there are some other conditioning; the most important is that these games and apps must be UWP or Universal Windows Platform.

Additional information:

With the arrival of Windows 10, "Microsoft" has decided that all its devices would have to be a single platform.

It would allow creating applications that worked natively on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile without having to drive resources to the development of each one of these versions.

A UWP app works on Xbox One and Windows 10, without the developer having to perform an expensive process of optimization and paperwork since the development SDK is practically the same for all platforms and it is these tools that are dedicated to exporting the app to each device.

Therefore, an independent game created within the "Xbox Live Creators Program" must be a UWP, that is, it must work on the devices of the Windows ecosystem.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.