Blizzard has been on a roll lately, releasing update after update on “Overwatch.” In fact, the studio just introduced a couple of sizeable changes on the game’s Public Test Realm. It covered a number of heroes in the shooter title.

According to ComicBook, Blizzard released a handful of straight buffs to four “Overwatch” heroes on the test server. Apart from these, bug fixes were unleashed as well. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Sizeable hero changes

It should be noted that some of the changes the studio released on PTR were long requested by the community.

This is most especially with the buffs concerning Orisa, the anchor tank hero. Just a couple of weeks ago, players were asking the studio on the official forum site to give the character a buff. The game’s director Jeff Kaplan confirmed they would, but was not able to provide a specific timeline at that time. Well, the changes are happening and they are all on the game’s PTR.

Interestingly, apart from Orisa, other heroes in “Overwatchhave also received changes on the Public Test Realm. Roadhog, in particular, has been buffed to give him a slight change after Blizzard nerfed him. His Take a Breather skill can now be used while moving. Interestingly, the damage he will take while healing has been reduced to 50 percent.

This should make him tankier than his current version on the live servers. It holds true, though, that he will not be taking back his previous damage.

Other hero changes

Aside from Orisa and Roadhog, other “Overwatch” heroes have also received changes on the Public Test Realm. For a start, Junkrat’s Concussion Mine can now hold two mines or charges.

This should allow him to triple jump, making him more mobile. As for his ultimate RIP-Tire, the movement speed has been increased to 30 percent. But perhaps the most interesting change is the removal of time limits when the tire climbs on walls. This is definitely a huge step towards making the explosive expert a significant addition to the team comp.

Next is Widowmaker, the only sniper “Overwatch” hero to receive buffs from Blizzard. The changes the studio gave her focused on her ability to locate opponents. She is also now more capable of escaping enemies. For instance, her Grappling Hook’s cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8. Her Venom Mine, on the other hand, makes the target visible, but only to Widowmaker. Think of it as a smaller version of her ultimate, only that the visibility is applicable to the character.