Overwatch” is without a doubt one of the most popular shooter titles in recent memory. While its success continues to grow, the fandom still wants more from developer Blizzard. After all, there is always room for growth.

According to Engadget, Blizzard is set to introduce a couple of new and exciting things in “Overwatch.” Two new modes are coming to the official servers along with some new maps. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The two new modes

This is probably the busiest week for the studio and the community. First, the most anticipated event called Summer Games has arrived.

Second, two new professional teams have been added to the “Overwatch League,” giving the roster a huge boost. Now, in an attempt to give in community request, game director Jeff Kaplan announced that Deathmatch would finally be coming to the game. He also introduced another mode called Free-For-All. Both of these modes are currently available on the game’s Public Test Realm.

The aforementioned “Overwatch” modes were first introduced in a brand new Developer Update video. Kaplan promised that the game would soon be updated with the new modes, but was not able to provide a specific date. In their most organic form, the modes will ask players to get the most kills. This is not new, as it is somewhat similar to other FPS games of today.

As of the core experience, it is where players go up against other players in a goal to reach 20 kills to win. Interestingly, the top four players will receive one win credit against their loot box tally.

Team Deathmatch explained

Perhaps the most interesting one here is the Team Deathmatch in “Overwatch.” It works similar to other modes of the same kind.

In the game, however, it will work on a six vs. six format and will require players to reach 30 kills. The team to reach the quote the fast wins, but there is a catch. Mercy can take away the kill counts using her ultimate called Resurrect. Hence it is best to build the team comp around the Swiss medic character.

The introduction of modes began with the launch of the Arcade section in “Overwatch.” The said section debuted last year and ever since its popularity has grown immensely.

It is worth noting, though, that Blizzard iterated before that Deathmatch would not be possible in the game. The studio explained that its existence would be an oxymoron. However, for some reason, the company decided to introduce it. More details about the modes are expected to surface in the next few days or so.