"Overwatch" has one of the most popular Video Games lately as it was estimated that over 30 million players play it. Thanks to its fun gameplay and competitive mode, the video game has gained its popularity in a short period of time, but just like any other game, it has its issues.

The biggest issue "Overwatch" has is bad behavior and toxicity that comes from its players. Blizzard doesn't tolerate this behavior and it decided to suspend and even ban players who do this in the game.

While most players are happy there is reporting feature, well, at least on the PC version of the game, some players are against it.

It is not hard to figure out what kind of players is against the reporting system. While it's far from flawless, the system works well and it helps eliminate toxic players.

Just recently, game director Jeff Kaplan roasted a few players who complained about the system. As it turned out, those players were indeed behaving bad, and they received multiple reports from other players.

Kaplan's response to the 'Overwatch' rulebreaker

The entire discussion happened on "Overwatch's" official forums, where a few players complained about getting banned from the game. One player, nicknamed Ceaya, posted his complaint, saying how players aren't even safe in quickplay and calling the system "automated and abusable."

Shortly after, Jeff Kaplan posted his response, saying that the player made the post from the banned IP address.

Kaplan mentioned that the player who complained had 2247 complaints against him, which is one of the worst accounts he's ever seen. Furthermore, the account has been silenced for 9216 hours and it also had three suspensions.

"So I'm not sure if that's the account you're referring to or not, but someone from your IP has been a less-than-ideal OW citizen," Kaplan added.

He finished his post with another burn, telling the player to let him know if he uses another account. As the game director wrote, the last thing Blizzard wants is to unfairly punish "good" and "upstanding members of the community."

Report system coming to the consoles

At the moment, only PC players are able to use the report system.

However, Blizzard is implementing the system to the consoles as well, and it should be released very soon.

There is no doubt that some PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will complain about the system too. Still, Jeff Kaplan will be on the lookout and ready to lay down the law!