"Overwatch" 1.14 update is out! After the test on the game's Public Test Realm, Blizzard decided to release the update in a 6-gigabyte Patch. The update brings a lot of amazing things, such as new game modes and hero changes.

Deathmatch game mode is finally live. It brings two different versions of the mode as players can choose to play a free-for-all mode or a team deathmatch. Either way, this is something new in "Overwatch" as it completely changes the way the game is played. Instead of focusing on objectives, players will have to eliminate other players and earn valuable rewards while doing so.

Beside this mode, Blizzard made a few big changes to some heroes. Namely, Junkrat, Orisa, Roadhog and Widowmaker were affected by these changes. Fortunately for the players who use them, Blizzard gave these heroes buffs which will make them much better.


Junkrat received two big buffs in the latest update, including a change to his ultimate ability, RIP-Tire.

The hero can now hold two Concussion Mines at the same time, which means he will be much more mobile and flexible. This change will allow him to quickly escape the fight and retreat as he can now do a triple jump! In addition, it will also help Junkrat eliminate more enemies with his mines.

When it comes to RIP-Tire, it will now move 30 percent faster and no longer have a time limit when wall climbing.

With this buff, Junkrat's ultimate will be even more devastating as it will be much harder to avoid it.


Orisa received buffs for both offense and defense. Fusion Driver's projectile speed has been increased by 20 percent, allowing the hero to deal damage more consistently.

The tank's barrier was also affected by the update as it is now 20 percent bigger and its shape was changed.

The barrier will now provide more coverage to Orisa's allies and the hero will be able to protect the team more efficiently.


Roadhog was a subject of some of most controversial changes in "Overwatch." By taking away his ability to one-shot enemies, Blizzard drastically reduced Roadhog's pick rate.

However, they made it clear they will give him some buffs for defense, and that is what the latest update brings.

The tank's self-healing ability, Take a Breather, can now be usable while the hero is moving. In addition, Roadhog will take 50 percent decreased damage while using this skill.


Widowmaker did not receive any changes to her damage output, but she is now more mobile than before and her defense received a small buff.

The deadly sniper will now be able to use her Grappling Hook every 8 seconds. The hook had a 12-second cooldown before the update, so the 33-percent cooldown reduction is a welcome change for Widowmaker mains.

Furthermore, players affected by her Venom Mine will now be visible through walls. It is important to note that only Widowmaker will be able to see these targets through walls, not the entire team. This will help her spot the flanking enemies and either eliminate them quickly or use her hook to get away from them.