Blizzard decided to completely change Mercy and the way players use her in "Overwatch." Game director Jeff Kaplan thought that it's not cool for players to just hide and wait for their teammates to die before they revive them, so the game developer brought some massive changes to the Swiss healer.

Resurrect is no longer an ultimate ability and it can now revive only one teammate. This ability is now locked behind a 30-second cooldown and it allows Mercy to resurrect one ally within 5 meters.

In addition, Mercy received a new ultimate ability, which is much cooler.

Since she can no longer bring back her teammates from the dead, she can give them insane heals to make sure they stay alive for a long time. Beside this, the hero can also do some massive damage with her pistol while Valkyrie, her name ultimate ability, is active. This turned out to be a huge issue, and Blizzard is going to nerf it.

Mercy receiving a nerf already

It didn't take Blizzard too long to nerf Mercy as it was too obvious that she was overpowered. Her ultimate ability gives her infinite ammo and it also increases her damage and fire rate. Mercy's pistol was capable of doing some decent damage before, but with her ultimate ability, it is capable of wiping the entire enemy team, especially if you combine it with Ana's Nano Boost.

Her gun becomes too powerful and she can deal more damage than most offense heroes. Logically, this isn't what Blizzard wanted for the "Overwatch" hero, so there will be some tweaks and changes in the upcoming update.

Blizzard's comment

"Overwatch" principal designer Geoff Goodman shared his thoughts on the latest changes for Mercy and her brand-new ultimate ability.

"Her gun while using Valkyrie is a bit too strong at the moment," Goodman said. He added that the idea was to give her a damage boost in special situations, not to make it her primary weapon.

While Blizzard wanted to change the way players use Mercy, the latest change created another issue. Once again, Blizzard doesn't like how players use Mercy, and this is a big issue. Support healers shouldn't be able to dish out insane damage, so we can expect the game developer to decrease her damage and fire rate.

Goodman did not give any details on what Blizzard will change in the upcoming update. However, it is clear that Mercy's damage-dealing abilities will be nerfed, while her healing effectiveness will most likely stay the same.