"Overwatch" is, without any doubt, one of the most popular games this year. Not only does it have over 30 million players, but it also has many fans who just enjoy watching the game and following its lore. Blizzard definitely did a great job with this title as it's incredibly attractive to most people who like Video Games.

Beside its various game modes, amazing voice actors and fun gameplay, "Overwatch" has hero statues, and fans love them! Blizzard keeps making fancy statues for "Overwatch" characters, and while they usually cost a lot, it is safe to say that they look amazing and have even the tiniest details.

Just recently, Blizzard revealed a Genji statue, and it looks astonishing! While it hasn't been released yet, fans can't wait to get their hands on it as it's definitely one of the best-looking statues, not only in "Overwatch," but in the entire gaming world.

The new Genji statue

Blizzard revealed the new Genji statue during Gamescom, which was held from August 22 to August 26 in Cologne, Germany. While "Overwatch" players and fans haven't received a lot of details regarding this statue, it probably won't cost more than $150. This price estimate comes from the fact that the statue is 13.5 inches tall, and Windowmaker, Reaper and Tracer figures cost that much as well.

The Genji statue depicts the Japanese hero with his Dragonblade, and it looks like he's in his deflection stance.

As you can see from the video, the details on this figure are simply breathtaking and the figure looks identical to the in-game Genji.

Blizzard hasn't revealed many details about the figure and it's also unknown when it will be released. However, it is possible that the statue will be released soon as Blizzard is doing making changes to its gear store.

Once the website comes back online, there is a good chance that Genji figure will be available for purchase.

Genji statue shipping and delivery

Even if the Genji statue becomes available for purchase on the Blizzard website, it is very unlikely that "Overwatch" fans will be able to get their hands on it very soon.

Blizzard introduced the D.Va statue in late June and the statue delivery is scheduled for December this year.

This statue is 19 inches long and it costs the mindblowing $450!

Considering that the Genji figure was introduced two months after it, the game company probably won't ship it this year. It seems that Blizzard needs at least four months to get the statues ready for shipping, so the fans could expect their Genji figures to be delivered in early 2018.