Epic Games is still releasing new content for "Fortnite Battle Royale," the video game that has been very popular for more than three years now. The battle royale game is currently in its 14th season and it still has millions of active players who cannot get enough of it. Surely, the peak of the popular video game is long gone, but Epic Games is still finding ways to keep its player base active and craving for more content.

A few months ago, "Fortnite Battle Royale" was taken down from Apple Store due to the violation of its rules. Because of that, Epic Games has taken Apple to court, claiming that the company has a monopoly over its applications and developers.

Unfortunately, iOS and macOS users can no longer play the video game and it could be years until they can play it again. However, the "Fortnite" developer has decided to give away free V-Bucks to millions of players affected by the Apple ban, which is posted on its official Twitter account.

Free V-Bucks to everyone who's been affected by the 'Fortnite' ban

"Fortnite Battle Royale" has become one of the most popular Video Games on both gaming systems and mobile devices. It is estimated that more than 100 million players play on mobile, but unfortunately, this number has gone down drastically since the video game was removed from the App Store. The good thing, however, is that players who played on iPhone and iPad can still play the game on a different platform, just like those who played it on iMac or MacBook.

The video game uses an Epic Games account to share progress between different platforms, and this is how iOS and macOS players were able to save their accounts and transfer to a different gaming system. The video game developer has recently announced that players affected by the Apple ban will be granted free bonus V-Bucks soon.

Every player should receive the premium currency by November 9.

"For iOS players: the bonus received equals your current balance of unspent V-Bucks purchased through the App Store. For Mac players: Anyone that's previously played Fortnite on Mac receives a bonus equal to your current balance of unspent V-Bucks purchased from Epic," Epic Games has clarified.

The game could be playable on Apple devices soon

Despite the outcome of the lawsuit Epic Games filed against Apple, iOS and macOS users might be able to play "Fortnite Battle Royale" on their devices very soon. Nvidia is launching its GeForce Now service on iOS devices, which would be an easy workaround for playing "Fortnite." Of course, Nvidia's service is not free, so those who still want to play the video game on their mobile devices will have to spend some money on a subscription.