Blizzard has been making a lot of new changes to "Overwatch" recently. There is no doubt that the development team is working hard to keep the video game balanced and popular, and right now, there are a few more changes that are live on Public Test Realm. One of the most popular heroes in the game, Mercy, is getting a huge change to her ultimate Ability.

Using her Resurrect ability, Mercy was able to revive her entire team. This ultimate ability was one of the most powerful abilities in the game as it could easily change the entire course of a match.

However, Blizzard thinks it wasn't used the way it was intended to be used, and Blizzard decided to change it.

This change will be huge as it will completely modify Mercy's abilities, including her ultimate. Resurrect is no longer an ultimate ability, and it can now revive a single target only. While Mercy can still bring her allies back from the dead, the ability is nowhere as good as it was before.

Mercy gets a brand new ultimate

The support hero will retain her Resurrect ability, but it will now be on a 30-second cooldown. The hero can no longer revive her entire team, but she can bring back one ally every once in a while. Mercy users will have to make big adjustments to their tactics as it will be crucial to know when to resurrect your teammate and who to resurrect.

Resurrect will have a 5-meter radius and the hero will no longer be invulnerable while using it.

Mercy's new ultimate ability is called Valkyrie, and it's amazing! While she can no longer revive her entire team, the Swiss healer can make sure her teammates no longer die easily. Her new ability will allow her to fly and it will boost her other abilities.

With this, she will reach her allies much faster and make sure they remain alive for a long time.

As an example, Mercy's healing beam will have a longer range, and it will chain to multiple targets. Furthermore, her gun will have infinite ammo, and its damage and fire rate will be increased while her ultimate ability is active.

In addition, the cooldown on Resurrect ability will be instantly reset upon activating Valkyrie.

Blizzard's explanation

Game director Jeff Kaplan did not like how Mercy players were using her ultimate ability. A lot of players would just hide and wait for their teammates to die before they resurrect them.

"We think it's wrong to tell a main healing character to go off and hide somewhere and stop healing for some period of time," Kaplan said. "We felt like her Resurrect was something we needed to address."