Way before its launch, “No Man’s Sky” was the most anticipated title. Almost everyone in the gaming community was talking about it. Many were just stoked with the game’s existence. Unfortunately, it did not end well.

Now a year since the release of “No Man’s Sky,” the developers at Hello Games are set to release a significant update. It is none other than update 1.3, which is called Atlas Rises. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Update 1.3: Atlas Rises

Announced on the official site of the game, Update 1.3: Atlas Rises will be bringing tons of exciting stuff.

It is expected to be released within the week, though the studio did not provide a specific date. Interestingly, it will be free and players from all platform can download it. In its most organic form, the update reportedly focuses on the improvements of the game’s central story. Moreover, it will provide players the ability to quick travel between locations. How exactly? Well, this is through the use of portals. As of this writing, the complete patch notes of the update is yet to be available. The studio promises to release it as soon as they can.

It is worth noting that update 1.3: Atlas Rises has been teased over and over again by the “No Man’s Sky” developers. Basically, the studio started uploading odd cassettes.

Hello Games admitted that at first, they did not know exactly how the cassettes would turn out. The studio also announced that a quarter of a million fans from around the world joined together to create the Citizen Science Division. Heck, they even noted that the numbers refer to a total of 175 countries involved.

What to expect

According to some “No Man’s Sky” enthusiasts, this update might finally introduce some of the features and/or tweaks that Hello Games promised before.

They cannot tell exactly what they are, but they are confident. After all, these possible new features were hinted on the said cassettes. Also, the update promises to be a huge one, as it marks the first-year anniversary of the game. Or at least, the game has finally turned a year old.

The update came as a surprise, as the “No Man’s Sky” developers have been quiet for a long time.

Many thought that the game is plain dead and that there is nothing Hello Games can do to revive it. Surprisingly, there will be a new update. Many are now hopeful that, at least, this update will redeem the game once and for all. Well, the community will definitely find out as soon as the update arrives.