As “Pokemon GO” leans towards a new Legendary creature, players are still having a hard time capturing them. This is true with Moltres, one of the three Legendary birds. Thankfully, Niantic has extended the availability of the special pocket monsters.

According to GameRant, one of the most effective ways to cheese Legendary raids in “Pokemon GO” is through Premier Balls. Of course, acquiring more of these items is no easy task. So how exactly can one do it? Well, give the guide below a check.

Premier Balls are simply important

Ever since the special beasts were introduced to the game, players have been trying to understand the math involved.

They have been thinking of ways to maximize their raids and ensure that their day ends with a captured Legendary creature. It is believed that the best possible way is through Premier Balls. However, this is just actually one of the many step towards guaranteeing a success at catching the special pocket monsters.

In a report from The Silph Road, one of the biggest “Pokemon GO” communities,” players need to maximize their number of Premier Balls. Otherwise, it is very unlikely for them to capture the likes of Moltres and the other upcoming Legendary Pokemon. It is worth noting that these balls can be earned during raid battles. If successful, more of these can be given to the players at the end of raids.

However, getting hold of these special balls is not that easy. There are tons of obstacles that need to be outrun. They are mentioned below.

Gym Control and Personal Damage

The best way to start a raid is to spin the Gym stop first. This is a way to get rid of the bugs that prevent players from earning bonus. If playing in a larger city, it is best to pick the raids on gyms that are from the same team.

As for players who live in rural areas, the best possible way is to fight for control on the nearby gyms. This simply saves time. Therefore, the strongest Pokemon must only be deployed to either attack or defend the said gym.

When it comes to personal damage, the key here is to get the right counters in “Pokemon GO.” Contrary to popular belief, the right kind of Pokemon to be used in raids actually matter.

Therefore, players must ensure that they are using their most reliable creature. This should benefit the team as a whole. Also, it is best to check for any possible damage breakpoints on the creatures. In one way or another, players could acquire a significant DPS boost from just a single power-up.