There is no doubt that “Pokemon GO” continues to be the biggest mobile game in recent memory. Heck, its popularity even soared higher thanks to the release of the Legendary creatures. Niantic certainly knows how to keep the interest of players at bay.

As reported by ComicBook, the studio has added another version of Pikachu in “Pokemon GO.” It is none other than its shiny version. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

New Shiny Pikachu

Believe it or not, there is a new Shiny Pikachu in the game right now. However, for players to capture it, they need to go to Japan.

Unfortunately, the said pocket monster is only available in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is meant to celebrate the upcoming Pikachu Outbreak Festival, which will be held at Yokohama, Japan. It is worth noting that Niantic already announced the event during “Pokemon GO Fest” in Chicago’s Grant Park.

In its most organic form, Shiny Pokemon are extra-rare variants of creatures in “Pokemon GO.” This is not really the first time that these pocket monsters got introduced. Last year, Niantic also did the same thing to Gyarados and Magikarp. Although they are special in a way, they are not necessarily powerful. Their stats remain the same, and their appearance is the only thing that changes. It holds true that Niantic has yet to officially announce the release of Shiny Pickahu in Japan.

However, players are reportedly seeing it already.

Upcoming events

Supposedly, the “Pokemon GO” event in Japan should be followed by another series of events in Europe. However, Niantic decided to postpone them. This was due to the experience they acquired in Grant Park. During the “Fest,” players were experiencing connectivity issues.

They were unable to log into the game, preventing them from playing the prepared activities. They were unable to participate in Raid Battles, let alone capture common creatures. Moreover, the lines needed to get inside the vicinity were quite long. Players needed to wait for hours just to enter the park.

Due to “Pokemon GO Fest,” the studio decided to revisit their option and cancel the scheduled events in Europe.

The company cannot provide a specific timeline, but they promised to re-introduce them. The developers wanted to make sure first that network companies would be able to provide stability. Niantic also revealed that the game’s servers will be upgraded, making sure that connectivity issues will no longer happen. Right now, the studio opted to release a new Legendary creature named Moltres. There will be another one in the next few days or so.