Almost everyone will agree that “Overwatch” is among the best titles in recent memory. Blizzard has developed a game that is celebrated by millions of players worldwide. With its apparent success, there is no stopping the studio from making the game even better.

Interestingly, in a report from PVP Live, “Overwatch” is set to receive drastic changes in the next few weeks or so. There will be new modes and maps, among others. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Two brand new game modes coming

Believe it or not, Blizzard will be adding two new in-game modes: Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch.

It is worth noting that players have been hoping to see these modes in the game. Fortunately, they are about to. The said modes are already live on the Public Test Realm. Obviously, the developers wanted them tested before releasing to the official servers. The studio did not elaborately explain the modes, but they iterated that Deathmatch, in particular, will be pretty much the same with their other first-person shooters.

Overwatch” players can access these modes in the Arcade section of the game. Free-For-All is where players will be going up against seven other players. The main goal is to acquire 20 kills. Right now, Blizzard allows all heroes to be playable in the mode. However, it is possible for them to ban some of these characters in the official version of the mode.

Kotaku cites that these banned heroes could either break or disrupt the balance and gameplay of the said mode. To prevent such, they will not be included in the mode’s roster.

Deathmatch explained

This mode is perhaps the most interesting one in “Overwatch” PTR. As usual, players will follow the typical 6vs6 format. The only catch, however, is that the team must try to reach 30 kills.

The win goes to the team that can reach the kill quote the fastest. Interestingly, Mercy’s ultimate called Resurrect will take away the kills of the opposing team. Hence it is important to build a team around her than any other utility heroes.

The idea behind Deathmatch in “Overwatch” is quite straightforward. There will be no objectives, so to speak.

Players here will not be pushing a payload or capturing an objective move. Instead, they will be tasked to get as many kills as they can. Furthermore, Blizzard added brand new maps on the PTR, though these maps are meant for Deathmatch only. As of this writing, the studio has yet to provide a specific timeline for the modes’ release date.