The highly anticipated Summer Games 2017 is finally live in “Overwatch.” As expected, Blizzard introduced new cosmetic items such as skins and emotes, among others. There are also new highlight intros, though there are only two.

But perhaps the most interesting one in the aforementioned “Overwatch” event is Lucioball. This Arcade mode game arrives with new changes and features, making it completely different from last year. Unfortunately, it comes with a bug.

The bug in Lucioball

Blizzard basically introduced a Competitive version of Lucioball. This works exactly as the game’s official Competitive Play.

Therefore, players can earn Competitive points (though small), too. But apparently, playing the said version results to a glitch or bug. In most cases, the game automatically exits even during the match. However, the moment players re-log and enter matchmaking, the queues tend to go forever. At first, they though it had something to do with their personal connection. Surprisingly, the bug reportedly affected millions of players worldwide.

The first case was reported on the official “Overwatch” forum site. Players suggested that playing the Competitive Lucioball version would make queues long. In fact, using the term “long” is an understatement. There was no way to cancel the search, not even restarting the app and game.

Some even tried to delete and recreate their accounts hoping to fix the issue. But to their dismay, the bug was still there. Long queues still happened.

Blizzard’s response

Just moments after the report surfaced, Blizzard was quick to response to the “Overwatch” community. They announced that they were fully aware of the bug and would find a fix to resolve it immediately.

However, they were unable to provide a timeline for the fix. This could only mean that the bug was really quite serious. The studio, nonetheless, assured the fandom that everything would be fixed. As soon as they have an update, they would announce it right away. Based on what happened, it can be said that the bug had something to do with the game’s official servers.

Perhaps, the anticipation proved to be massive and has taken a toll on the “Overwatch” servers. After all, millions of players have been waiting for the Summer Games event. It is worth noting that Lucioball has new features and functionalities. For instance, Lucio can no longer use his ultimate to boop players away from the goal. Instead, the skill will allow him to be stronger and faster. But due to the bug, it is best for players to veer away from the Arcade mode’s Competitive version.