It seems things are getting a bit interesting in “Overwatch.” Just a few weeks ago, data miners acquired a code suggesting the return of the Summer Games event. It even got to a point where another line of code mentioned the name of Doomfist, a rumored hero believed to arrive at the game anytime soon.

Now, as reported by PVP Live, data miners have once again cracked patch 1.13 on the “Overwatch” Public Test Server, which allows players to gain access to any forthcoming contents or updates. This time around, though, there were two files all pointing to the return of the event above.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The data mined code

In general, these files are encrypted when released on the test server for whatever purpose it may serve them. However, data miners revealed that these newly acquired files were already stored with a certain key, which made them discoverable. It could be that Blizzard did it on purpose too, well, create hype and discussion. Either that or the data miners this time are wrong.

But this is certainly not the case, as "Overwatch” players now have their first look at the Summer Events logo. It kind of looks the same as last year’s, only it is a bit streamlined. Of course, the most noticeable one is the year 2017 on it. This, in particular, might just confirm the return of the highly celebrated event.

There is a Season Six spray, too

Just when players thought things could not get any better, the data miners reportedly acquired a spray designed for the sixth season of “Overwatch.” Obviously, this is a reward for players who could reach the top 500 in the forthcoming competitive play season this August. The spray features a desert along with a traveler looking at what appears to be a pyramid of the sort, topped with majestic sunset.

Players believe that this refers to Anubis, a map situated in Egypt.

It is worth noting that these are just a few of the evidence acquired by data miners in the “Overwatch” PTR. Recently, they noticed a strange line of code in crash logs for patch 1.13. Apparently, it pointed to the Summer Games event, but the only difference, it mentioned Doomfist.

This could mean that the said event will arrive alongside the new hero. Moreover, reports suggest that the statistics screen has been updated to showcase the Lucioball related stats and other statistics referring them to the soccer game. As of this writing, Blizzard has neither confirmed nor denied the discoveries.