Since "Friday the 13th" came out on May 6th, 2017, the player base have been searching for updates, fixes and new content. Developers responded on Steam, "We do want to make note that you are being heard and updates will continually be rolling in. We have a lot planned to continue this trend, but we hope this first one will be interesting to you as we move towards more and more for this game."

The talk amongst Twitch streamers is a conversation that revolves are repetitive game play with lack of updates. New maps and emotes are being discussed on Twitter.

The best part of these updates are that the new content will be free. Currently there are only three maps available - Packanack, Higgins Haven and Camp Crystal Lake. A large complaint on the Packanack map is that the four seat car will often spawn at the Packanack house along with the fuse box, which is used to phone the police.

Players refer to this as "RNG" or random number generator. This term implies the game system developed a scenario that is extremely hard to win. An experienced Jason will have little difficulty picking apart a team that cannot work together.

Additional maps would breath new life into the game. There has also been discussion about the location of Jason's shack.

Those the location is random, it is still set to only spawn in a few locations. Once you get a map and realize how the buildings and objectives are setup, you will know where Jason's shack is if you are an experienced player.

DLC - Is Downloadable Content or Micro-transactions coming to "Friday the 13th"?

On the "Friday the 13th" forum section, users were polled to see if they would support paid DLC.

Though the overall polling numbers seem low, the results seem to favor or at least support paid DLC for new maps, single player, weapons, perks and skins. Perks would perhaps to seem a pay to incorporate a 'pay to win' type system, but cosmetic changes wouldn't have an impact on the end game outcome. Would you support paid DLC in "Friday the 13th", or in other games? What about paid DLC perks? There are been talks about "DLC", but no mention from the developers about paid DLC at this time.

When will "Friday the 13th" be physically launching?

"Friday the 13th" has announced their physical launch will occur on Friday the 13th, 2017 (seems fitting). In this Tweet, a trailer shows the platforms and some of the items available during that launch:

The game will be the same, but you will have a physical copy of the game instead of just a downloaded digital copy.