Finally, the highly anticipated Summer Games event 2017 is here in “Overwatch.” Of course, with its arrival comes tons of exciting stuff from developer Blizzard. This is perhaps the most exciting event in the game yet.

According to Forbes, the studio has fulfilled its promise to introduce newer skins in “Overwatch.” These are all developed specifically for the event. So far, here five of the best Summer Games event skins. Check them out below!

Soldier: 76’s Grillmaster

Here, the old soldier looks, well, on a vacation trip. He wears a red Hawaiian-themed shirt topped with cargo shorts.

More importantly, he wears socks and sandals here. The character definitely looks like he is going to a beach or something.

But despite the looks, the “Overwatch” hero still looks tough. Players might even notice a text on his weapon that says, “A Salt Rifle.” Well, he still looks lethal in one way or another.

Reaper’s Biker

This is perhaps the best skin Reaper received for a long time. In fact, players in the community are calling him the BMX Reaper. It is as if this guy is looking to compete in the BMX scene. After all, he is a daredevil.

The skin is most wrapped in dark orange color, with a bike helmet as headgear.

The “Overwatch” character has never been this unique for quite some time now.

McCree’s Lifeguard

Well, when players need someone to help save them, it is none other than McCree. The “Overwatch” hero’s skin gives him the lifeguard impression. He is a part cowboy and part lifeguard actually. Well, others see him as a surfer cowboy.

Either way, this Summer Games event skin is making look really nice.

On top of it all, McCree wears a beach hat. With his bare clothing, his cyborg arm can be seen. He even wears slippers here. But no matter how cute he looks, his gun still makes him a menace.

Widowmaker’s Cote d’ Azur

When it comes to Widowmaker, players might think that there is no way for “Overwatch” developers to redeem her looks. Well, not really. Her Summer Games event skin actually makes her look friendly and, well, lovely. The French Riviera dons the famous Femme Fatale, bringing up her infamous sex appeal to a whole new level.

It is not really easy to imagine Widowmaker as a woman who loves the beach. However, Blizzard made it possible thanks to her new skin. She is really stunning here, though.

Junkrat’s Cricket

This is most probably the sickest version of Junkrat in “Overwatch.” Her Cricket skin gives him that uniformed look. He may use explosives if he is to play Cricket, but this skin is a must-have. His mask, machinery, and even his weapons are all themed for the event.