Regardless of how skilled a player is, he is still likely to get bashed in “Overwatch” for using Hanzo. There is completely nothing wrong with the character, but the community has this stigma to anyone who mains the bow-and-arrow specialist. But for what it is worth, a guy decided to go with the flow and make a serious decision to involve the hero in his life.

According to Dot Esports, an “Overwatch” player from Brazil decided to found a church in which Hanzo is their lord and savior. Believe it or not, this exists, and anyone who bashes their god will be labeled a heretic.

Here is everything about this new church denomination in a nutshell.

The Church of Hanzo

Yes, that is right – a church of Hanzo exists in Brazil today. A Brazilian player set up a religious organization and called it the Hanzo National Church. Nope, it is not a charity group or something. It is indeed a church that worships the former Shimada clan leader. In fact, the reason the player has for doing so is quite simple: Hanzo looks like Jesus. Absolutely Amen!

For those “Overwatch” players interested in joining the church, they will be baptized first. How exactly will that be done? Well, just by playing the game – plain and simple. The entire set up may look ridiculous, in one way or another, but it is legit.

As a matter of fact, it is recognized in the country and its government. The founder of the church revealed that in their country, setting up a tax-free religious organization is as easy as counting one to three.

Because of taxes?

In Brazil, anyone who found or set up a church will automatically be exempted from paying certain taxes.

Not exactly the founder is exempted, but the organization itself. The group, despite whatever money they acquire from tithes and offerings, the government has no say. The founder will not even be forced to report these to the national officials. But hey, this church might mean more than what players are seeing or hearing.

The Hanzo National Church has rules for the fans of “Overwatch” who will join.

There is one they call “free Tuesday” in which all members will dedicate their time to playing the game. Blizzard’s title, with Hanzo being the Jesus symbol, is their bible. Heck, eating fatty foods is even allowed, and the church has no say about players’ way in life as long as it does not interfere with the “free Tuesdays.” Whoever founded this is praising the dragons now.