The highly anticipated Single Player Mode of "Friday the 13th: The Game" is coming soon. Aside from this, Gun Media released last week several game updates containing hot fixes for the bug and issues encountered by players.

Single player mode

In the previous week, GameSpot reported that game publisher Gun Media will announce the arrival of the single player mode in "Friday the 13th: The Game." Today, this report is officially confirmed by the game publisher saying that it will arrive in the game sometime soon. During the release of the multiplayer horror-survival game in May 2017, Gun Media informed the fans that a solo experience will be offered to them in summer.

The latest confirmation is simply a reminder from the game publisher that the mode is still going to happen.

Latest issues

When the game was released, the greatest problem that the team encountered was about issues affecting the Xbox One console. Until now, these issues are still keeping the team occupied impeding them from pursuing the development of the game's much-awaited mode.

Currently, the team is focused on resolving issues concerning memory leak. It is one of the issues that the team discovered that is prevalent in the problems with Xbox One. According to the latest tests, the memory leak issues have been contained so far. The team is confident that the fix they have rolled out will finally resolve the issue.

The fixes are also possible through the help of Illfonic and other third party support.

While the game publisher has dedicated most of its effort in solving the lingering issues in the horror-survival title, they are also working hard on the development of the highly anticipated mode. This could only mean that players will soon get their hands on the much-awaited mode soon.

According to Gun Media, the tremendous support coming from the fans fueled them to widen the coverage of their work to develop future content while working on hotfixes on issues related to the game's overall performance.

Moreover, Gun Media said that the highly anticipated mode will be released to players with no additional charge.

While the title lacks the mode and with the myriad of issues reported, the horror-survival game appears to be unfazed. Recently, the title topped the digital PlayStation 4 sales for the month of June. The figures could have improved if it was released with the single-player mode.

"Friday The 13th: The Game" is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.